Rosalee Cipolla

Rosalee Cipolla

Rosalee Cipolla, RN

BayCare HomeCare - New Port Richey Homecare
New Port Richey, Florida
United States
Even though it was approaching midnight, Rosalee arrived with a smile and was most professional, and graceful from the moment she entered my home.

During a two-week period, I was hospitalized for what rapidly evolved to be a serious bone infection. Because of the associated severity, I was required to be on a PICC line for a total of four weeks after my hospitalization. I was discharged late in the afternoon on Saturday. A short time after I arrived home from the hospital, I received a call from Bay Care Pharmacy, advising me that a driver would be delivering the required IV medication and applicable supplies later that evening. I was further advised it could possibly be very late that evening.

A short time later, Mrs. Rosealee Cipolla called and asked if it was agreeable that she came to my home that evening. Because it was already very late, I offered to let it go until the next day, but Mrs. Cipolla said she didn't mind at all, and emphasized it was very important for me to commence with the IV antibiotics as soon as possible. She furnished her call-back number, and I assured her I would contact her when the medical supplies arrived. Because it was getting later and later, I heard again from the pharmacy driver who advised it may be closer to 11 pm before his arrival. I agreed to accept the later delivery and thanked the driver for such dedication. I then called Mrs. Cipolla and told her that due to the late pharmaceutical delivery time, it would be fine if she just came the next day, but she warmly stated that she did not mind coming over that evening.

Please know that Mrs. Cipolla, in my humble opinion, went way above what any reasonable person would ever expect. Even though it was approaching midnight, she arrived with a smile and was most professional, and graceful from the moment she entered my home. Still being apologetic for her late arrival, I reassured her that I deeply appreciated her dedication. Although I am relatively healthy, I have been hospitalized a few times since 2010; I have always received outstanding care. Just as all-stars emit light in the night sky, there is always that one, specifically brilliant star, outshining all others. For me, during my healing process, that extraordinarily bright star was Rosealee Cipolla.

It was wonderful and refreshing to have experienced such unselfish dedication. Rosalee is an outstanding professional. This young lady well represents your company, in every way possible.