Roni Dillard

Roni Dillard

Roni Dillard, RN, BSN

Total Joint Center
Methodist North Hospital
Memphis, Tennessee
United States

...the patient was discharged home from the Total Joint Center with a diagnosis of new onset diabetes. This patient had been hospitalized and had received education in the hospital but his mother had not been able to be present for any of the education and he continued to be very nervous about his diagnosis of diabetes. He was to check his blood sugar and self-inject with insulin. Later, the patient's mother called to the Total Joint stating that the patient had been sleeping all day and was supposed to be checking blood his blood sugar and had not. The call was directed to the PCC, Cassidy Cruse. Home health was scheduled to visit with the patient and had not been to see the patient yet. The patient's mother stated that there were no supplies and she did not know how to care for her son.

At that time Cassidy and Roni Dillard, who had previously cared for the patient while in the hospital, gathered additional educational material and supplies such as syringes and alcohol wipes from the education department. Concerned for the well-being of their patient they drove to the his home, about 10 miles from the hospital to assess the patient and spent about two hours with the patient and his mother reviewing education and insulin injections.

These actions are certainly the actions of a DAISY Nurse as they exemplify all that a nurse should do and goes above and beyond what is required. They also demonstrate the Methodist Guiding Behaviors of Service, Quality, Integrity, and Teamwork.