Romel Dalalo

Romel Dalalo, RN

Emergency Department
Presence Saints Mary and Elizabeth Medical Center
Chicago, Illinois
United States

Romel Dalalo, RN went beyond what is expected in bedside nursing. He received a 53 year old mother and her 21 year old autistic son who had been removed from their home as it had been condemned. Both patients were unkempt and infected with bugs. These 2 patients required a lot of care and coordination of departments; much more than a usual patient or even an ICU patient for that matter.
Romel gave both patients a thorough shower in the decon shower. Romel took a great deal of time to wash these patients and make sure they had warm food to eat and clean clothes to wear. He gave this time and attention without a second thought. It was apparent both patients felt not just physically clean but their emotions improved too.
Romel always has a positive attitude and it rubbed off on everyone working that day. It was easy to see the difference he made to these patients as the mother would not stop thanking him for his generous care. Romel is a role model of compassionate care in the ED.