Rodil De Nieva

Rodil De Nieva

Rodil De Nieva, BSN, RN

H-Blue Observation Unit
University Hospital - New Jersey
Newark, New Jersey
United States
Rodil should be recognized for his expertise in Nursing Practice, his compassion and sense of humor.

Rodil should be recognized for his expertise in Nursing Practice, his compassion and sense of humor easing the fear and anticipation of our patient’s concerns, his leadership skills becoming the foundation and strength of the ever-evolving staff of H Blue since its inception two and one half years ago, and his relentless support of all University Hospital initiatives.

When UMDNJ announced that an Observation Unit was opening on H Blue in the Spring of 2014, Rodil was only one of two in-house RNs who applied for a position on this Unit.  He accepted the challenge of becoming a part of a very slim team of nurses and APNs who opened a new unit, and who had to also prove to not only the DOH, but also to the Hospital Administration that we were worth keeping open beyond 90 days.

Rodil rallied the handful of nurses initially hired to cover our shifts 24/7.  He often worked seven days in a row to provide RN coverage in addition to assisting me in stocking a completely empty unit, medications and all floor stock included.  He offered daily input in establishing a new pattern of patient flow to Observation Services, and he reinforced to each nurse working our floor that our mission was to discharge patients within a 24-hour period to ensure our success!

None of the new OBS employees knew what we were facing when we came on board, what our patient compliment would be, what physicians would refer to us, or even how we would work with a new entity called Case Management.

No matter what our concerns, Rodil was there every morning, offering suggestions to make our transition easier, greeting patients and welcoming them to our unit with his wonderful smile, and with his silent manner creating a bond between each staff member making us vow that we would make this unit succeed!

Rodil has been a staunch supporter since I assumed the Director position of this Unit. He helped me interview perspective employees, and was a preceptor to them upon completion of their Hospital Orientation. He assists me even to this day ensuring that our daily coverage is adequate, he monitors unit logs and daily regulatory /environmental requirements ensuring compliance, while encouraging all staff to do the same by his example.

Now that our daily census has reached capacity, he continues to have a positive outlook, and continues to share his enthusiasm with all Medical and Nursing Staff, Patients, and all Ancillary staff involved with the continued success of our Unit.                                                                                                                                                                                          

He is truly an employee who represents all of the great attributes University Hospital exemplifies.