Robyn Isemann

Robyn Isemann, RN

nursing supervisor
West Jefferson Medical Center
Marrero, Louisiana
United States

Robyn had the opportunity to intervene in a patient and family's life at a very tragic time. Robyn made a considerable impact on the patient clinically and on the family emotionally . Robyn delivered exceptional care for the patient and expressed compassion and caring to the initially distraught and later grieving family. Robyn attempted to protect the family from any further stressors surrounding the already tragic incident which were avoidable. Robyn was witnessed consoling the family on numerous occasions allowing an already grieving father to cry on her shoulder. Robyn exhibited professionalism, clinical expertise and true compassion. Robyn made it her responsibility to care for all of the patients and family's needs and follow them throughout the hospitalization process. Robyn is a true role model for all nurses and she deserves to be recognized for her efforts.