Robin Deane

Robin Deane, RN-BC

Morristown Medical Center
Morristown, New Jersey
United States

Robin Deane is a very compassionate nurse who is always ready to jump in and help her team mates. Robin is known by many not only for her years of service but also for her respectful and effective collaboration with other disciplines/departments. She is well respected by everyone and is a go-to person when it comes to practice and safety. Robin stands by her peers, has exceptional clinical abilities and is able to identify and refer issues timely via the appropriate lines of communication.

Robin is generally found at the bedside of her patients. One patient she cared for was at the end of life and very anxious and fearful of death. He was placed on in-patient Hospice care due to end stage CA. This gentleman had issues with obstruction and was attached to wall suction. He was on Morphine drip for pain management. Family included the wife and 2 brothers who were very supportive but somewhat overbearing.

One day during a quiet time when family was not around, Robin sat down with this patient and spoke to him about his goals and how he wanted to live his last few days. After talking to him, the family arrived and she facilitated the discussion and planned with the patient and family all his wishes. Robin relayed all of the aspects of this patient and family discussion to his physician and the members of the team to assure that the patient's plan of care was followed throughout his stay.

Robin obtained orders for him to be allowed to shower, and to visit outside. She obtained a shower chair for the shower room for his use when he felt up to showering. She also facilitated visits outside to see the garden and experience the warmth of the outside. She spent time with him to visit when family is not in attendance. She facilitated visits from palliative volunteers and pastoral care department. This patient lived his last 2 weeks the way he wanted, with the help of his family, the team and especially Robin Deane.

It is with great pride that I nominate Robin for her compassion. Robin does the right thing for the patient and sees the spirit of the patient's humanity within.