Robert Aranda

Robert Aranda, LPN

James A. Haley VA Hospital
Tampa, Florida
United States
Robert wants to help people and he doesn’t mind taking on the tough assignments.

It is hard to pick out just one event where Robert Aranda provided exceptional customer service as he demonstrates five-star services every day.  Just recently, Robert asked to be assigned the three most labor intensive patients on the unit.  When the charge nurse asked him why he wanted all three, he said because he knew what they needed.  The truth is, he doesn’t mind working hard.  That is just Robert.  He wants to help people and he doesn’t mind taking on the tough assignments.

During this particular day, Robert discovered that the assistive technology for one patient had stopped working.  He called the tech but learned she was out the entire week.  Knowing that the patient had no other means of communicating or controlling his environment, Robert worked tirelessly to find someone who could help get the patient's adaptive devices working again.  After six or seven phone calls and a lot of pleading, Robert was able to get someone to troubleshoot the system and get it going again.  He did this all because he didn’t want the patient to have to do without.  He knew the weekend was coming and it would be intolerable for the patient to be without any way to change TV channels, call the nurse, use his phone or control his lights.  He knew it was important and he went the extra mile. But that is why Robert is a superstar nurse.  To him, it’s just another day.