Rita Fontanini

Rita Fontanini

Rita Fontanini, RN, CEN, CCRN, CVRN

Emergency Room
Advocate Condell Medical Center
Libertyville, Illinois
United States

It's difficult finding where to begin describing what makes Rita Fontanini one of the most exceptional persons I have ever known.

As a nurse, she is skilled (someone said she could start an IV on the smallest vein in the dark), she is knowledgeable, and she is compassionate.

As a leader, she is attentive, organized, efficient, and always willing to help and care for everyone.

As a person, she is just amazing; always dependable, hard-working, and caring, she seems to have endless energy, and she definitely has a great sense of humor. Somehow, it seems when Rita is there, you know everything will be all right.

Rita's nomination came from one of her co-workers who wrote: "Rita Fontanini is one of the most passionate nurses I have ever met. She cares so deeply about people, no matter their background, looks, or anything! She ensures that all patients in the ED on her watch get excellent care. I have even seen her stay after her shift to go into the room of a homeless man to give him a shave and wash his feet. I saw him smile when she was done because someone took this extra time for him. She is warm and friendly to all. She ensures that all patients and families are informed and feel cared about. She is there for her peers. Rita is Italian and believes that food fixes problems. So she feeds everyone! When the ED is up for grabs and chaotic, she is an island of calm, and projects that out to our staff, enabling them to continue their work. She always takes the time to ensure that new staff feel valued and mentors them to grow in their roles. She never asks anyone to do something that she would not do herself. Thank-you for allowing me to recognize such an outstanding and passionate individual. She is truly one of life's special characters."