Rhonda Hayes

Rhonda Hayes, RN

HSHS Holy Family Hospital
Greenville, Illinois
United States
Rhonda relieved all of my anxiety.

Yesterday I went to Greenville ER. I have been having horrible complications from what should have been a simple procedure in January at a neighboring hospital. It turned into a nightmare. I needed to see the GI surgeon (a true angel I believe). Somehow God was with me and my situation. I wasn't in the ER for more than 45 minutes and Dr. K walked in. It was all I could do to keep from crying. I was so overwhelmed. He sent me to the OR to scope me. A most kind and loving nurse came in to get me. I've always had good care in Greenville with all of the nurses and doctors but this nurse, kind of like Dr. K, was so warm and compassionate. She stayed close to me at all times. She was so attentive. She relieved all of my anxiety. I wasn't scared anymore because I knew I was in the best of hands. I thank you all so much and I believe Rhonda should be acknowledged as a top-notch person and nurse. I am so grateful to you all and I thank you all. May God bless you as he has me. XOXO Rhonda, Dr. K, Greenville staff, and hospital.