Rhonda Anderson

Rhonda Anderson, ALPN

MSICU - Neuro/Rehab/Behavior Division
Florida Hospital Orlando
Orlando, Florida
United States

Rhonda is the most down to earth nurse. She connects with her patients and family as if they are relatives. She is an incredibly knowledgeable nurse who shares this information openly to patients, families and co-workers. What an awesome educator!
Rhonda is the first to volunteer to help, the first to hug the crying family member and first to show up when you are in crisis. She is still in love with nursing after 40 years of service. However, my favorite thing about Rhonda is how enthusiastically she mentors everyone from student nurses to MSICU new graduate nurses to her peers and even sometimes physicians on what nursing is and should be.
Rhonda’s diligence to secure a solution to complex wound/drain problems is amazing. The wounds are a shock to even the most experienced medical staff. She can solve problems; even doctors will ask Rhonda for her opinion regarding care. She extols compassion and care to her patients from her heart. Rhonda is brilliant. She is knowledgeable. If she encounters a new situation she will research it to educate herself and then teaches it to others.