Renee Kellems

Renee Kellems

Renee Kellems, RN

Tucson Medical Center
Tucson, Arizona
United States

I feel Renee demonstrates the true meaning of a "nurse". Her compassion, commitment, teamwork, positive communication style and clinical knowledge are superb. I am truly privileged to have her on my unit as a positive role model for all of our newly assigned nurses she may get to work alongside of her on a daily basis. I can only marvel at how much she has to offer both Tucson Medical Center (TMC) and her nursing department. Renee welcomes all her patients with a warm smile and gentle touch as she lessens their fears and prepares them for upcoming procedures including lab draws or central line draws. She is a great resource to our unit and is often referred by newly assigned nurses as a "great mentor".

I remember one time in particular, when I was receiving report from another nurse whose patient just happen to be assigned to the same room as Renee's patient. We both had the luxury to see how she talked with both her patient and the surrounding family members who were visibly shaken. Once she addressed everyone's concerns she helped them to identify some of the family's strengths that could be utilized to face the upcoming challenges. She provided several ways that would help focus other members of the medical team to see the strengths in the family and create achievable short term and long term goals. She told the patient and family members by doing that it would allow the doctors and other nurses to do everything possible to bring this patient home successfully.

Here are just two examples that both patients and family members have provided:

Renee reflects greatly on how important value for both the patient and their family members are at Tucson Medical Center (TMC) when they are receiving their level of care. From the very beginning she was courteous, caring, and assisted all my family members in the understanding of all the treatments and medications. She listened to the concerns of our family and me. My family was very lucky to have had her as "our nurse". There is one word that comes to mind. WOW!! What a great ambassador to both TMC and the nursing profession.


We have had many challenges with our 95 year old father regarding medications during his recent hospital stays. We were very impressed with the level of analyzing Renee did with every medication. She would extensively go over all medication with my father ensuring that he was receiving the right medication and for the right reason. I thought it was great when she taught us some potential harmful side effects we needed to watch for. I also thought that the level of care he received was spectacular and spoke volumes of how important Team TMC took their jobs.