Rebekah Hills

Rebekah Hills

Rebekah Hills, RNC

WellStar Kennestone Hospital
Marietta, Georgia
United States

My father was transported from WPH to Kennestone Hospital. He had unknowingly suffered a heart attack. Upon arriving at Kennestone it felt as if we were flying through steps; heart cath, talking to doctors, talk of heart surgery, swarms of people preparing my dad for surgery, and being told surgery was not an option. Unfortunately, my dad's heart was too damaged to be a candidate for surgery. He most likely would not have survived the surgery.

My dad was then taken to the CCU unit where he would spend 5 of his 8 days. This was such a hard time for my family and him. We did not know what was going to happen or how long we were going to have him. We kept a positive outlook on the situation even though we are all terrified.

His first night, Rebekah Hills was his nurse. She was upbeat, came into his room smiling, very personable and seemed to connect with my Dad right away. As his daughter that made me feel at ease, because up until this day I had never seen my his Dad scared or cry. Seeing that little bit of comfort on his face while he and my mom interacted with Rebekah was such a blessing. She was able to make him feel as comfortable as she could given his condition. He enjoyed their conversations, the way she helped my mom and most of all the quality of care she provided him with.

All the nurses in CCU were wonderful, but there was just something about Rebekah that drew me to her. She made me feel comfortable about going home to get some sleep. When I would call to check on him during the night she would always be informative. I had a lot of questions and she never made me feel as if I was annoying her. She took the time to listen and took time to get to know my parents, not only her patient but as people. My dad shared stories with Rebekah that he had yet to share with me. She unknowingly shared a story with me that I will forever treasure.

We thought my Dad was on track to go home, but things did not turn out that way and he was taken back to the CCU where he passed away. Rebekah was just finishing her shift when my Dad was being rushed back up. She stayed around and spoke to him before they started another IV and my mom and I were escorted to the waiting area. That was the last time I saw my Dad alive. It went downhill quickly after that. A nurse came and advised my mom and me what was going on and asked if we would like to go back; my mother chose to go back while CPR was being administered. I chose to stay in the waiting room. Rebekah was the one to come and tell me that my Dad had lost his battle. She let me cry on her shoulder and then walked me back to be with my Dad and Mom.

Rebekah did not have to stay, she did not have to comfort me while I cried, but she did. She impacted my family more than she knows and she will forever hold a special place in my heart.