Rebekah Bryant

Rebekah Bryant

Rebekah Bryant, RN

Mother/Baby Post Partum
Baptist Health Medical Centers (AR)
Little Rock, Arkansas
United States

Father's day last year was the worst day of my husband and my life! Instead of leaving the hospital with a bundle of joy in our arms we left with a small blue box filled with our baby's clothes and other items in remembrance of him. He was born sleeping 6/14/14. The labor and delivery floor for my husband and I presented so many emotions. We depended on doctors and nurses constantly for support and reassuring. We were blessed to have a second chance.

My pregnancy started with Lovenox shots at 8 weeks, I experienced issues with hypertension and on top of that I had a fibroid. I was a train wreck on paper. But I found a wonderful team at Baptist who became like family and got our miracle baby here. Here in my husband's and my arms.

On the day of my discharge I had a wonderful nurse Rebekah, who just had a beautiful spirit! She got to know my husband and me. Every procedure or test she let us know about and explained it. I never had to wait for anything with her. It was as if she had already anticipated my needs and immediately it was available! When she came in the room it was as if chatting with an old friend. Any questions I had were answered from experience. My husband and I felt even more that we had made the right decision by delivering at Baptist.

As we were loading up to leave she let me know I was an awesome mom. And that really meant the world to me. My first baby and visitors constantly voicing their opinions but to hear that I was awesome further encouraged me! When we got to the car we had not installed the car seat properly. Rebecca took time and helped us install it right and it was pretty hot outside. She educated us on all the safety factors with car seat restraint.

Rebecca was truly an angel my husband and I feel sent just when we needed her the most. After having to stay in the hospital 3 days she was a breath of fresh air. She is truly deserving of the DAISY Award. She built a relationship with us and offered the support and encouragement we needed right on time. She was absolutely wonderful.

Thank you so much Rebekah for just being you and therefore a true blessing to me and my family!