August 2020
Birth Center
Porter Medical Center
United States




On his second day of life, my son stopped eating, earning him a trip to the UVM NICU. The fact that he was able to make this trip in stable condition was due to Becci's expert and attentive care.

Becci possesses an intuition to discern between normal irregularities in a patient's behavior and early red flag warning signs that merit further attention- even when dealing with the added challenge of nonverbal newborn patients. As my son progressed from a 'textbook eater', to being far more interested in sleeping than eating, to not being able to keep any food in his stomach at all, Becci observed and recorded every little thing he did without causing unnecessary stress or anxiety for his parents. When the decision was made to send our son to the NICU, an obviously devastating piece of news to new parents, Becci was calm and reassuring. Despite having a blockage in his GI, our son was never in critical condition up to the point of admission into the NICU hours later.

She was such a good teacher, she taught me how to take care of myself and take care of my son while triaging a lot of the unnecessary information given to new parents, of which there is an overwhelming amount.

We always looked forward to Becci visiting our room because she was such a joy to talk to!