Raquel Arena

Raquel Arena

Raquel Arena, BSN, RN

Neonatal Intensive Care Unit
King Faisal Specialist Hospital and Research Centre-Riyadh
Riyadh, Ar Riyad
Saudi Arabia
Raquel is always speaking up and putting her voice forward advocating for the best interests of us as nurses, and for the patients and their families.

The way Raquel leads the ward through her shifts as charge, and by being a fellow colleague ensures everyone is treated with respect, is given equal opportunity, has a right to be heard, and is respected as an equally qualified professional. Raquel sets the standard, by leading by example. Raquel uses her emotional intelligence to ensure that communication is sensitive, respectful and creates space for open communication, without blame. Raquel always offers a helping hand, no matter what it is she may be doing. Raquel is a part of many of our committees and shows true dedication to her love for the work she does, NICU and to KFSH.

Raquel is co-chair of the UBC, she is a part of the CLABSI committee (constantly striving to have ‘zero’ harm to patients, Raquel being a contributing factor to the Unit zero CLABSI achievement since May 2017). Currently, Raquel is the champion in NICU journey of excellence to be Beacon Awarded unit. Raquel was a main contributor to the smooth operation of ICIS phase four, Raquel was the backbone to the success of the ICIS phase four on NICU. Raquel is constantly charge and L&D, a senior mentor to all staff members of NICU, Raquel has the enthusiasm, devotion, knowledge, and skills to be the best preceptor in NICU for new charge and L&D nurses, newly hired nurses, and NGDP students. Consistently excellent feedback has been received from her orientees. On any given shift you can ensure someone is enquiring some piece of knowledge from Raquel, she is a strong backbone for NICU. Raquel is passionately dedicated to King Faisal; she gives time both from her work and her own personal time to constantly improve our unit. Raquel in reference could almost be the NICU handbook knowing how to conduct all the clinical procedures in NICU and policies/procedures. Consistently day in and day out she is always willing to share her knowledge and to give anyone and everyone all the resources/information they need. Raquel is always conjuring or innovating a better way to do things on NICU so that we are always constantly striving towards optimizing patient outcomes.

She has a very good relationship with the patients’ families. I remember we had a dying patient with a confirmed diagnosis of surfactant deficiency syndrome. Baby was put on DNR status as there was no more treatment that could be offered to the patient. Parents are not from Riyadh and the baby was on palliative treatment. When the baby started to deteriorate, no family members were present to cuddle but she made sure that the baby passed with somebody cuddling and giving tender, love, and care.

There was another family whose baby had Down Syndrome and every time the baby was fed she had desaturations and bradycardia. The mother was very worried and did not want to take the baby home. With Raquel’s patience in assisting the mother by teaching her how to feed her properly with some techniques, she was able to take her baby down to A1 for rooming before they got discharged. Even the A1 nurse verbally said that the mother loves Raquel because of the way she cared for her baby.

Raquel gives her all to everything she does on NICU.  She delivers the highest standard of care. Raquel also has a sound knowledge bank of Arabic and interacts as much as possible with the parents on the unit. Raquel holds strong relationships with all teams visiting NICU. Raquel is always speaking up and putting her voice forward advocating for the best interests of us as nurses, and for the patients and their families. Raquel is a true asset to NICU and is a true DAISY Nurse because of her devotion, commitment, hard work and advocacy for the patients, families, and employees of KFSH.