Ranujie Wijayasooriya

Ranujie Wijayasooriya

Ranujie Wijayasooriya, RN

Department of Emergency Medicine
LAC+USC Medical Center
Los Angeles, California
United States
Ranujie demonstrates caring and compassion inside and outside of work.

Ranujie is a very kind and sweet lady. She works very hard to make sure everyone is taken care of. I’ve been here for hours and now I am leaving, and she is still here doing her job. Thank you for your hard work, Ranujie!


Ranujie demonstrates her compassion, kindness, and her love for humanity to her patients at work and outside of work as well. Ranujie spent her son’s birthday in Mexico at an orphanage. She invited friends to participate. She received a count of the number of children that were living there. Ranujie brought cake and gifts for all of the children. She reached out to children that were less fortunate than her son and shared the love. It brought tears to my eyes, and I was very moved by her kindness. She demonstrates caring and compassion inside and outside of work. I have received acknowledgements in the past from patients about Ranujie. She is well deserving of such a beautiful acknowledgement.

Congratulations Ranujie on receiving the DAISY Award! We are all very proud of you!