Raniel Sy

Raniel Sy

Raniel Sy, RN, AS

Neuro ICU
LAC+USC Medical Center
Erie, Pennsylvania
United States

Raniel, is a new grad in the Neuro ICU. He successfully completed his medical surgical experience followed by the ICU program. Raniel is very liked by all his peers. He has a good sense of humor. Raniel has a good rapport with the doctors; he asks a lot of questions. He also volunteers to help his co-workers with their patients. Raniel is very courteous and respectful with his patients and their families. He is kind and has a caring attitude with a focus on providing safe care to his patients. Raniel always has a smile on his face and is a pleasure to work with (Nurse Manager).

Recently, Raniel received this nomination from the family of one of his patients. It reads as follows:

"Raniel is a very attentive nurse. He paid close attention to my dad's situation/condition and realized that my dad was sensitive to the blood pressure medication. So, he administered it in small amounts until he found the right amount to give him. He was also attentive to us, the family members. He came in often, and answered all of our questions. If he didn't know something, he would go and find out and come right back with the answer. Raniel deserves to be recognized for his caring attitude and consistent focus on patients."

Thank you Raniel, for being a true role model for compassionate nursing!