Ramil Lim

Ramil Lim

Ramil Lim, RN

Critical Care Services
Valley Presbyterian Hospital
Van Nuys, California
United States
Ramil has progressed from Rising Star to Super Star!

Ramil is a cut above the rest.  From the moment he was assigned to care for my father, he took a proactive approach to his care.  He was thoughtful, explaining everything to my father before initiating the care he delivered.  Ramil was also an advocate for us (the family), looking ahead to what was needed for the following day; he discussed the timing of medications and lab draws to keep his care constantly moving forward.  He talked to my Dad, even though he was intubated and could not respond back to him.   He kept the evening environment quiet and peaceful, bathing my father early so he could get a decent night’s rest.


By definition, compassion is an instinctive quality or trait that enables a nurse to discern a need, provide comfort and help a patient feel safe.  Ramil also extended this type of compassion to the daughter, thereby allaying her concerns.  He emulated what the DAISY Award® was designed to recognize in professional nurses and is recognized today for exhibiting the entire list of DAISY attributes:

Making special connections with a patient and their family

Including family members in patient’s plan of care

Delivering outstanding education

Collaborating to meet each patients’ unique needs

Going above and beyond the “call of duty”

Providing individualized, compassionate car

Living out the hospital vision of excellence.

This recognition is confirmation that we got it right when we selected Ramil as the Rising Star in May, during VPH’s National Nurse Week celebration.  At that time, Ramil was acknowledged by his Director and colleagues for similar attributes:

Promoting safe patient care

Availing himself for challenges and troubleshooting obstacles

Offering a helping hand to his colleagues, routinely

Using humor and intellect appropriate to the situation and

In summary is everything the team desires in a co-worker!

Ramil successfully completed the 2014 New Graduate Nursing Program and in two short years, he has been trusted to be a charge nurse and care for the most critical of patients- those who have received open heart surgery and require an IABP.  Ramil, you have progressed from Rising Star to Super Star!