June 2016
Cerner Dubai
Cerner Corporation
Kansas City
United States




Kindly, I would like to nominate Mr. Rami Naif Abdel Rahman. I have had the privilege of working with Rami for over the past 3 years as my institution has implemented Cerner lately and I can vouch for his determination, hard work and effectiveness. I have rarely come across a person who is so attentive to the minutest of detail. He never hesitates taking on any challenge or difficult task. He also makes sure that these projects are successfully completed.
We found Rami to be competent, professional, approachable, and good friend to all of us.
When he was in Doha he was patient and sat with me for several hours to give me a KT on dialysis. He is compassionate for his patients and patient as an educator. These skills make him a wonderful leader and a dedicated nurse. He is inspiring Nurse and imparts knowledge to us. He helped us in learning how to be Informatics Nurses and handle issues in the professional way.
Rami is well educated, knowledgeable, confident, flexible, and can affect positively on his colleagues.