Rachel Yantzi

Rachel Yantzi, RN

Mount Sinai, Sinai Children's and Schwab Rehabilitation Hospitals
Chicago, Illinois
United States

From a family member:
By taking extra time to take care of my son, she is the type of nurse that is I ever had to leave my son with someone overnight, it would be her. My son had to have some fluids drained out of him, and she held his hand every step of the way. My son has been in the hospital for 2 weeks now, and has become close to Rachel. Whatever fears I and my son had about this experience, she has brought us comfort and joy. She loves what she does and takes her job seriously and lovingly.

From a family member:
I am a people person and a people watcher, especially at times like this. This lady, Rachel, loves what she does. I don’t think that it is all about the money –she really loves her job and what she does. She is friendly to her coworkers, and to the patients - which come first to her. I believe that my cousin is left in good hands with Rachel.

From a family member:
With all of the fears and tears, Rachel was a great help. I am a man that doesn’t like to show his emotions, and at times she kept me feeling strong. My grandson, daughter, and wife like the work that she does. I spend the night sometimes too, and Rachel is very helpful. She answers all my concerns and questions, whether I am here or at home. My grandson can always come to her in time of need. Great job!

From a Family member:
Everything about Rachel is very genuine. She takes care of my grandson. When my grandson is comfortable and at ease, this means that I am too. My grandson had a long fight on his hands, and she was there every step of the way. When my daughter can’t make it, I come to the hospital and get the same respect from her. My grandson and my daughter are always talking about Rachel and good hard-working people need to be acknowledged. Keep up the good work!