May 2016
University of Maryland School of Nursing
United States




Rachel is from the Baltimore Campus 
Rachel is extremely compassionate, empathetic and professional.  She had her Medical Surgical rotation on Multi-trauma IMC last spring.  Frequently the nurses and families commented on her level of compassion and dedication to making the patient and family feel well cared for and important.
She is not afraid to speak up for what is right.  I witnessed this many times in Med-Surg when she would ask for orders for her patient and when she was not fiven a favorable answer - she respectfully requested rationale.  In doing so, many times the health care provider "saw the light" and ordered what Rachel was attempting to acquire for her patient. 
Rachel has been a peer tutor for the Student Success office for 2 semesters.  She does group and individual tutoring for NURS 324, Pathophysiology/Pharmacology and NURS 327, Medical Surgical Nursing.  She is also intimately involved with the HOPE program which helps students with English as a second language.  She goes way above and beyond in the role, to help students who are struggling see that they "can do it".  She is truly remarkable.