Rachel Mitchell

Rachel Mitchell, ADN, CMSRN

Surgical Specialties
University of Missouri Health Care
Columbia, Missouri
United States

Rachel demonstrated her compassion by helping my sister understand my condition and to calm her down when she saw how bad my wound was. She worked with my doctors and nurses on my wound care specifically showing me also how to care for myself. I saw that other nurses/aides look up to her and went to her for assistance and knowledge. She seemed to always be willing to help them and be there for them, showing she's a major team player and role model for them. She is currently taking more classes to better her education and grow as a nurse. I was and have been in the hospital several times, each time she showed compassion, understanding and helped me to grow and get better. She was always there for me, I have a million stories and she is someone I look up to and believe she deserves this award. Rachel is an example of what a nurse should be. She even came to help me before surgery and she was off the clock. She is AMAZING. She has enriched my life and supported me in every way.