Rachel A Brown
July 2023
Rachel A
Acute Oncology
UVA Health
United States




Rachel not only is outstanding at her job but she goes above and beyond for her patients.

RN Rachel Brown is a rockstar!

As a patient in the Oncology ward, I have had phenomenal nurses since arriving a little under a week ago. However, Rachel went above and beyond in such a way that she needs to be recognized. Rachel was an advocate for me this week when my protocol on my charts started I was "a fall risk" due to a small seizure/mini-stroke I experienced a week ago. Rachel followed orders and protected me but also heard my concerns as being confined to my bed was not ideal.

Rachel advocated for me, informed my team of doctors of my status, and after my doctors determined I was no longer a fall risk or at risk for seizures/strokes she was able to remove me from the fall risk protocol! This allowed me to have some freedom to walk around the floor and get exercise, and fresh air on the rooftop courtyard, and not have to inform a nurse anytime I needed to get up from bed. Rachel was compassionate and was able to assist me while staying compliant and within the hospital's protocols.

Rachel also went above and beyond by assisting my family and me in acquiring documentation from the previous hospital I was transferred. When I departed the other hospital, they did not provide any exit documentation. Rachel was able to ask a colleague doctor to help us acquire that documentation and also get us signed up for the UVA MyChart. This was tremendously helpful so that I have all the documentation I need for work.

In all ways, Rachel not only is outstanding at her job but she goes above and beyond for her patients. She listens, advocates, and is a great ambassador for the Oncology Nurses and UVA as a whole. She deserves to be recognized!!


I have so many stories about what a great nurse Rachel is. She's kind, conscientious, and cares deeply about her patients. Today, I witnessed her tenacity for her patients in action, again. As a member of our falls committee, Rachel is very attuned to safety. When a patient should have been on the bed alarm, she collated her information, placed him on the alarm, and placed all the appropriate safety equipment in the room. It doesn't stop there. She internalized the latest physician notes and continued to advocate for the patient, based on his evolving status. As new information became available, Rachel advocated across multiple service lines in order to get this patient removed from the bed alarm, as he didn't qualify anymore, so he could move independently. Rachel's attention to detail made all the difference for this patient. 

As someone who knew her as Clinician 1, seeing the nurse Rachel has become makes me so proud to call her a colleague.