Peter Barrett

Peter Barrett

Peter Barrett, RN

Extended Care
St. Cloud VA Health Care System
St.Cloud, Minnesota
United States

My grandfather was recently staying at the St. Cloud VA. He passed away, unfortunately, Wednesday of this week.

This note is truly of praise and recognition for one of the nurses who was caring for my grandpa.  Peter was absolutely amazing with my extended family over the past two weeks.  My grandfather was surrounded with 24x7 care from our family while he died and Peter stood out by far as one of the most helpful and compassionate individuals in his care.  I was there last Friday night and came into the room to find Peter sitting in the chair next to my grandfather's bed after everyone else had left the room. He was just sitting there so that my grandfather would not be alone.  Not all employees do such wonderful things.

Please help me recognize Peter for what he did to provide comfort to my family. It would mean a lot to me.