Pedro Aguilar
August 2014
Huntington Hospital
United States




Pedro Aguilar is a compassionate RN who works incredibly hard to support the staff and his patients. His bedside manner is always friendly and his nursing assessment and interventions are "on point" and "accurate". Pedro is such a joy to work with and he brings a positive attitude to the workplace. He is extremely caring and compassionate with his patients and families. Pedro is a strong bedside RN and the patients and we are so lucky to work with him.

One example is the way he works with breastfeeding moms to give them education and advice - the mothers always exclaim what wonderful help he has been. Pedro goes out of his way to interpret for doctors, and other health care team members when they need to communicate with Spanish-speaking families in the unit.

Nurse Pedro was part of the NICU medical team in the Labor and Delivery room when my son was born and during his first three days in the NICU. He is a wonderfully skilled and compassionate nurse. He spent hours talking to us and took our minds off our troubles during our many days in the NICU. Nurse Pedro is positive, encouraging, talkative and friendly, and was always willing to listen to questions and concerns about my son's condition and ailments. One day Nana commented to him "No me han banado a mi nino hoy." He told her "No te preocupes; orita que acabo aqui hay voy para banar al Xzavier. Y pon atencion para que aprendas como banarlo." The next thing you know, he had Xzavier in one hand, and was gathering the bathing materials in the other. And he wasn't even Xzavier's nurse on that particular day!

Pedro has always demonstrated passion and compassion in his care of the NICU babies, whether the diagnosis is benign or severely grave. Parents are always at ease when their babies are placed in his charge. He is a model for other staff nurses - new and seasoned. Pedro is a wonderful preceptor and great NICU nurse. He is always willing to help his coworkers and goes above and beyond for our unit's small, vulnerable patients. He brings so much positive energy to our unit and it has been a true pleasure working and learning with him.

Pedro was my preceptor one year ago when I started my nursing career and I couldn't have been more nervous. Pedro was with me my first day and for many after that. He calmed me down and reminded me that I could only help the babies in my care if I was calm myself. He taught me so much in the short few months we worked together. I don't know how I got so lucky to have been taught by him. I am the nurse I am today because of his guidance. I thank him so much for the gift he has given me knowledge.

Pedro has always shown dedication towards staff and definitely towards our small NICU patients. He goes above and beyond performing his duties. He is a super nurse - he gives his time to help others to get well. Pedro is always positive, hardworking, professional and pleasant to work with. He is cheerful and happy, always thinks of others and is considerate of people's feelings.

Pedro and I cared for an infant with multiple disabilities including neurological deficits. She had been transferred here from a hospital in the Central Valley. Her young parents were unable to visit her frequently. Pedro provided care that integrated both his NICU knowledge and his experience with adults. He demonstrated his respect for life regardless of the child's future potential through his compassionate care. He didn't judge her future; he gently provided her with the nurturing that her parents couldn't at that time.

Pedro's work ethic to better his future and provide a service to our patients is extraordinary. He is a great resource for staff and visitors and always has a positive attitude. No matter how busy we get, Pedro takes the time to teach families how to care for their babies. Additionally, Pedro works overtime when we're short-staffed whenever he's called. He goes above and beyond what we expect of our staff. I truly admire his willingness to grow in the field of NICU nursing and his efforts to learn something new every day. His patients, their families, as well as the NICU family love him.

Pedro once cared for two very premature 25 week-old infant twins. The parents noticed how well Pedro cared for them by his talking to them all of the time. Their little ears would perk up whenever he worked! The parents knew that if Pedro were their girls' nurse, the twins would do well! Pedro can take care of every type of baby in the NICU - from admission of a 24-weeker to the discharge of any baby. He takes care of his patients with compassion and expertise.

When I was a PFC, I could always depend on Pedro to alleviate my stress by coming in for an extra shift or a few extra hours. He is always willing to help with admissions or rearrange assignments for the best care to be given to our patients and to help his coworkers. On many occasions, I've seen Pedro giving neonate patients a hair wash or bath at the bedside with gentle, tender care. All NICU patients, families, and staff are lucky to work with him.

Pedro is our shining star - he's always so pleasant and helpful and he has such a kind and generous heart. He is always so ready and willing to help any of us nurses. Most of the time we never have to ask, he just automatically does it. He's so willing to help parents and is so patient in repeating things over and over when they don't understand the information. Pedro is like a ray of sunshine - a man with a wonderful personality and a heart of gold. We love you so much Pedro.

In all the years of knowing Pedro he has been a caring, compassionate, dedicated employee of Huntington Hospital and a very special friend. He always had a smile and was loved by young and old alike. His willingness to learn was present at all times and he made the best of every situation that crossed his path - even in trying times. Pedro was a charismatic individual who touched the lives of many - patients, families and co-workers throughout the years. In talking with his coworkers on 5 East, we recalled the stories he shared that would make us laugh, the nurses competing with each other as to who would have the pleasure of working with him, of his assisting anyone in need without any hesitation, and how he influenced us with the very simple things in life and how that has impacted every one of us. He knew everybody at Huntington and everybody knew him. He always wanted to do the best he could in all endeavors of his life. Pedro enjoyed life to the fullest! It is not often that you encounter such a special individual as Pedro who was loved by all. He will live in our hearts forever and we know that he is watching over us.

Pedro Aguilar was a most special and unique individual. I was honored and humbled to have worked with him as he journeyed from novice to expert as an RN. Please allow me to share with you a few of the many memories I have of Pedro and the way he touched so many lives, including my own, patients and families, his coworkers and employees all over Huntington as well as the community. Pedro began working with us on the surgical unit as a PCA. The first thing one noticed about Pedro was his dazzling smile. Entering a patient's room, he would flash that smile that began in his eyes and worked its way down. What an effect if had! Patients responded to Pedro immediately, the elderly, the young, and people from all stations in life. Pedro treated patients as individuals and seemed to sense just what each one needed and how to communicate effectively with them. His dedication to his patients was evidenced by the many comments and accolades he received from patients about his care.

Pedro was a dedicated member of the 5 East team, loved, respected, and appreciated by his coworkers. They knew they could count on Pedro to support and help them in any way needed. They didn't have to ask, Pedro was somehow always there. Pedro was cross-trained as unit secretary and as the first person to greet patients, families, physicians, and visitors; he was a role model for Huntington's standard of a culture of excellence. Pedro was always evolving and pursuing distinction. He set his sights on becoming a Registered Nurse. While attending school, Pedro transferred to the Nursing Resource Center. Once again his professionalism, his humor and his humanity shined as he helped to staff nursing units all across the hospital. His sense of fairness made even the most difficult situation easier. I used to tease that one-day when he graduated, I would get him back as an RN! Sure enough when he passed boards the staff and I welcomed him back as a new graduate RN. As he oriented with a seasoned preceptor, Pedro excelled in critical thinking, effective communication, and demonstrated an outstanding commitment to providing compassionate care to his patients.

Did I mention that beguiling smile of his? Smiling was his trademark and just part of the genuine person that he was. Those of us who were fortunate to know him will forever remember that smile that was so warm and vibrant. Pedro next had the opportunity to transfer to the NICU. As much as we knew we would miss him on our unit, we knew that he would be taking his amazing capacity for love and nurturing to those wee babies and their families. No too long after his transfer I encountered Pedro and asked how he was doing on the NICU. His face lit up and he replied that he was learning so much that he was so touched by the babies.

Well Pedro, we learned so much from you. You inspired us to be the best that we can be in our professions and as human beings. Each of us, the Nursing Profession, and Huntington hospital will forever be the better for having known you. Your spirit lives on in each one of us.