May 2017
Pediatric Intensive Care Unit
at Saint Barnabas Medical Center
Pediatric Intensive Care Unit
Saint Barnabas Medical Center
United States
Lauren Farrand, RN; Laura Trovato, RN; Susan Ryan, RN




On Christmas Eve, a patient's family in the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU) had made the difficult but generous decision to donate their son's precious organs in order to save the lives of those in need. To honor the patient's wishes to one day become a fire chief, the PICU staff asked the Livingston Fire Department to attend a memorial ceremony for the patient’s family and friends and SBMC staff. The Fire Department attended and brought three Livingston fire trucks. The patient's brother was able to turn on the sirens and the patient became a fire chief that day. The PICU staff went above and beyond to transform a very difficult situation into a special day for the patient's family. Not only do they provide outstanding clinical care, but the staff of the PICU displays compassion, empathy, kindness, and love through the special connections they create with their patients and their families. This is just one example of how they treat their patients as family of SBMC.