Paula Calhoun

Paula Calhoun

Paula Calhoun, RN, BSN, CAPA

Manager Ambulatory Care/Administrative Supervisor
Lutheran Health Network Kosciusko Community Hospital
Warsaw, Indiana
United States
I have seen Paula converse, laugh, cry, pray, and sit quietly with a patient's hand in hers when bad news is delivered.

I know that the first thing Paula will say is, "I was just doing my job." That may be true, but nursing is not a job to Paula, it is her calling. Nursing by definition is the profession of caring for the sick and infirmed. She has taken that oath very seriously. Unknowingly Paula daily personifies the college that represents her profession.

So let's look at the three words that represent a DAISY honoree:


She is able to care for patients through every aspect of the Perioperative Process. She is administratively savvy. She facilitates patient safety and ensures that her patients are receiving high-reliability care. She is a great administrative supervisor. Paula facilities safe high reliable care in her department. She holds herself and her staff to the highest practice standards. She is disappointed when goals are not met but works and works until a resolution is in place to achieve those goals. She mentors and grows her staff. She is undeterred when she knows something isn't right. She has a sixth sense and drills into patients' needs until she discovers issues and then goes to work to solve those issues.


She treats every patient as if they were her relative. I have seen her converse, laugh, cry, pray, and sit quietly with a patient's hand in hers when bad news is delivered. I have seen her rejoice when a new baby is brought into this world. Her smile, when not covered by a mask, is heartwarming to patients.

She cares about our medical staff and how her department performs for them. She finds solutions to their concerns about patients, paperwork, and computer issues. She truly makes it easier for them to practice medicine.


Let me start by saying Paula is all over this aspect of the DAISY Award. Although known for being a talker, she also is a great listener. She does not know a stranger, you can watch patients that are frightened or angry and she can talk to them and show that she truly cares. She has gone to the store to buy patients flowers on their birthday. She covered for a husband that forgot it was his wife's birthday and brought him a cake and flowers to give to his wife. I have seen her buy food in the cafeteria for family members that did not have any extra money. She was so concerned about a patient after discharge she followed them home, helped the patient in his home, and offered to make him a can of soup. She shows that same compassion to her co-workers, she offers rides and helps staff through life crises. She has a look that tells you she cares about you as an individual. She makes that 56-second connection, she sits at the bedside and she truly pours her soul into each patient, each interaction, and each time. What you see is what you get with Paula, the heart of a DAISY champion.