Paul Albrecht

Paul Albrecht

Paul Albrecht, RN, Director

6 Observation Unit, Cardiovasular Services, Clinical Dietetics
Mayo Clinic Health System - Franciscan Healthcare
La Crosse, Wisconsin
United States
On Christmas Eve Paul made sure the patient was able to get her medications and made sure she got home safely.

Paul Albrecht is currently the Director of the new Observation Unit, Cardiovascular Services, as well as Clinical Dietetics. Paul is a part of many teams and committees throughout the hospital.

Although Paul is an extremely busy man, you would never know that by his demeanor. He always comes to work bright and early and with a smile on his face and a welcoming attitude towards anyone and everyone he comes in contact with. Paul motivates staff by encouraging them, providing praise for work that is well done, being approachable no matter how busy he is and always keeping a good sense of humor. Paul’s behavior is a prime example of what Servant Leadership should look like.

Through his various projects and committees Paul incorporates our MCHS mission, vision, and values and always puts the needs of the patient first. For example, on Christmas Eve there was a patient who needed a ride home and did not have anyone to come and instead of just leaving work and going home to his own family on Christmas Eve he made sure the patient was able to get her medications and made sure she got home. This is just one example of how selfless and caring of a leader Paul is.

I have had the pleasure of working with Paul for the past 6 months and I could not have asked for a better Director to work with. He has taken the time to help me learn my new role and continues to coach me along the way. He never makes me feel like he does not have time to help me or show me something that I need help with. I think Paul deserves this DAISY Nurse Leader Award as a way of recognition for all the hard work, time, and commitment he gives to the organization and all the time in the future that he has not given yet, but will be giving!