Patty Damento

Patty Damento

Patty Damento, RN

Dermatology Center
University of Washington Medical Center
Seattle, Washington
United States

Patty is a tireless advocate for patients' care and well-being. She uses her years of experience and knowledge every day. She loves being a nurse and it shows! Patty's focus is giving patients the best experience; this extends to the work she does mentoring the staff and pinch hitting to keep things running smoothly. No job is too small if it will make the patient comfortable and keep the provider running on time.

Patty definitely goes the extra mile to make sure our patients have a great experience. Just today she helped a non-English speaking patient navigate the complexities of getting important medication. Patty achieves her success in patient care through listening, action, and putting the patient first. She is gifted at intervening in difficult situations and can calm the most fearful patient. She is an advocate for patients every day. She takes the time to listen to the patient, in order to make sure they get the best appointment for their particular needs. Patty is a quiet patient hero who makes a difference daily.

Patty is an efficient problem solver; she takes initiative and does not shrink from challenge. She sets a high bar for herself and the clinic, and is a role model to the team. She leads by example, and staff and patients respond, feeling a renewed sense of calm. Patty takes on new projects with zeal. This was especially helpful during our EPIC implementation where she more than stepped up to the immense task. Her commitment to a successful implementation was phenomenal. She acted as a model leader throughout that transition, by not only learning the system but also by problem solving and helping anyone who needed her.

UW Medicine, Dermatology staff, and our patients are so fortunate to have Patty on our team! If Patty does the work, you know it will be done well.