Patti Schairbaum

Patti Schairbaum

Patti Schairbaum, RN, RN-BC

Advanced Treatment Area
Miami Valley Hospital
Dayton, Ohio
United States
Patti went over and beyond concerning the care, compassion and dedication with my mother’s care.

Patti is what Premier Excellence in Nursing clinical ladder program is all about. She role models each and every day in her clinical practice and her continued dedication to the PEN program.  She is one of the original committee members and currently serves as co-chair. Through this role, she recruits new members and inspires current members with her “can do” attitude.  She has helped to organize and facilitate the PEN portfolio parties for assisting peers in assembling theirs.  She is our PEN “Polyanna” who consistently sees the positive in what nurses do to make a difference for their patients and peers.  She is truly the epitome of a peer cheerleader as she leads with passion and perseverance in growing the PEN program.  She constantly reminds the team when nurses grow professionally, it can only continue to make a difference in patient outcomes.  She takes the information from the meeting and shares it with peers who become so excited they want to join the PEN committee.  We recently added two members because of Patti.  When Patti is not able to attend a meeting, it is because she is working extra or covering for a peer so patient care is not compromised.  Patti exemplifies not only a PEN Nurse but also a DAISY Nurse.


Patti Schairbaum is an exceptional nurse!  She went over and beyond concerning the care, compassion and dedication with my mother’s care.  Patti sincerely put both my mother and me at ease the moment we saw her. We want to thank her for her care, compassion and warm personality, but also her skills, intelligence, integrity and knowledge. My only hope is that all of my mother’s nurses are half as good as Patti Schairbaum.  She is the best.  Thank you, Patti, for all the care, support and kindness you have shown me and my mother.