Patsy Fields

Patsy Fields, RN

Saint Joseph Hospital - Lexington
Lexington, Kentucky
United States

Patsy is about the sweetest nurse you could ever meet! The reason I am nominating her for this DAISY Award is because she is always gentle and compassionate with her patients. Tonight we had a very sick 13 year old come to the ED and Patsy was his nurse. She quickly assessed, started a neb treatment, and got IV fluids going as the doctor ordered. All of the rest of us nurses were helping her out. I was walking into the room to give Patsy another medicine and realized she was praying over the boy with the family per their request. She had tears in her eyes along with his mother.

Patsy was able to care for that boy like no other nurse could. I feel that she deserves this award due to her compassion, positive attitude, and cheerful spirit. She always has a smile on her face. I feel blessed to have Patsy working alongside me as a nurse and a friend.