Patricia "Patty" Costello

Patty Costello

Patricia "Patty" Costello, RN

Primary Care/Family Medicine
St. Joseph's Hospital Health Center
Syracuse, New York
United States

While attending to the care of an OB patient who had recently transferred into our practice because she was going to need a C-section at 38 weeks due to placenta previa, the patient mentioned that she was worried her baby was small for where she was in her pregnancy. Patty went back to the patient's chart, combed through all of the prenatal information, and noted a discrepancy. She brought this information to the physician and the physician determined that the patient's due date was not correct.

Patty listened to the patient, and acted on her concerns. Patty's actions actually prevented a preterm C-section at 33 weeks, as well as and a myriad of potential complications that could have resulted.

Patty looks on this situation as she was just doing what she is supposed to do. As the coordinator for the office where Patty works, I have observed Patty setting the example for care and compassion while paying attention to details, assuring that each OB patient receives the best prenatal care possible. Patty is an awesome example of caring and compassion. She has a long history with OB/GYN and is very attentive to the details to make sure each prenatal patient has the best care possible.