Patricia Maric Bustamante

Patricia Maric Bustamante

Patricia Maric Bustamante, BSN, RN

6 Main B - Medical Surgical
St. Luke's Medical Center Quezon City
Quezon City

I would like to share how Pat shared extraordinary care to our patient. Taking care of the elderly is not an easy task. I admire Pat for her pro-activeness. She checked on our patient all the time and made sure that everything was addressed.

The most unforgettable encounter I had with Pat was when she knocked on the door and asked us if we would like to have our patient’s diaper changed. I know that as a nurse it is part of her job, but the way Pat asked, it made us feel her genuine care for the patient and not just because she was doing her job. It was an experience that made us feel that we made the right choice and stayed with St. Luke’s Medical Center.

Pat, thank you for your genuine care. May God bless you always.