Patricia Eckenroth

Patricia Eckenroth

Patricia Eckenroth, RN

Out-Patient Surgery
Community Hospital Long Beach
Long Beach, California
United States

... I came in for in and out surgical care for the repair of my rotator cuff of my left shoulder. The surgery was scheduled at 09:30 AM. When I returned to the outpatient recovery room my O2 level was low and my pain level was high. My husband was by my side and was not sure what to do. Patti Eckenroth attended to me. After some time she intuitively knew that I should not return home as scheduled and that I needed to spend at least one night in the hospital having nurses attending to me because of my pain level and O2 levels.

Patti worked very hard to see to it that a room was found for me in the hospital for a night stay. She worked very hard to make sure I was admitted for a night so I could be properly cared for. The next day Patti also came to check on me and asked how my night was. I told her about my night and how I so needed to be in the hospital. I thanked her for her insight and persistence on admitting me to the hospital.

Patti Eckenroth is an intuitive nurse. She puts the patient first and makes sure the patient receives exactly what they need. Patti sensed that sending me home, as planned, would not have been in my best physical interest. She then worked diligently to go through the steps to get me admitted. She kept checking on me and reporting the progress to my husband.

I am so grateful for Patti Eckenroth's nursing skills, administrative skills, insight and compassion.