Pamela Tevington
May 2017
Medical Unit
Capital Health
United States




Pam has always been a tremendous resource to her staff on OP1. Truly compassionate to both patients and fellow staff members and always thinking of others in the most difficult of times. She frequently takes on difficulties that are not her obligation in order to attempt to lighten the load for her staff. Pam is always looking to improve her clinical skills and shares her expertise regarding wound care, etc. with the unit. Recently OP1 was closed which displaced  Pam and she has had to reinvent herself to accommodate. This is difficult for anyone but during this most stressful time  Pam was truly worried for her staff and made it a priority to find out as much as she could to answer as many of their questions as possible. I believe  Pam  has always been worthy of this award and she is highly overdue for recognition.