Paige Anhalt

Paige Anhalt

Paige Anhalt, RN

Medical Oncology
Saint Alphonsus Regional Medical Center - Boise
Boise, Idaho
United States
Paige was not only the perfect person for this job, she was the perfect person for my brother in his final days.

Every nurse that worked with my brother during the week of his stay deserves an award, but Paige stood out the most for me. My brother was not the beacon of cheery disposition under normal circumstances, but throw in a terminal diagnosis and a lung disorder that had him fighting for air, and you are going to get the worst side of him. He cursed on a normal basis, but he was so horrible to the poor staff during the first few days of his visit he had some of the staff in tears. My mother and other brothers just felt terrible, and please know we sincerely apologize for his behavior. I am sure he does as well as that was not the lovable man we all knew and loved.

Paige took everything he said and did with a grain of salt; she picked up on his needs and could read his demeanor and cater to his mood accordingly. She was so well-versed on everything and knew how to calm him down, how to talk to him, and how to take the edge off. She showed love and compassion to someone who wasn't showing any compassion in return. She was so patient with him and put his care, needs, and comfort above all else. Paige is young, but so full of knowledge and experience and seasoned in patient care you would think she has been a nurse for 20 years! This difficult job is not for everyone, but Paige is definitely the best example of what nursing is and should be and why they should be recognized more their incredible work.

Paige was not only the perfect person for this job, she was the perfect person for my brother in his final days. She was the only one he didn't get overtly angry with because she found a way to talk to him and help him in a way he understood that it was all in his best interest. She was also incredible with my mom and other brothers in the room; she was always checking on all of us, answering our questions, and making sure we were comfortable during this very difficult time. She serves as a great role model for all the younger CNAs who are training and considering the nursing field. Seeing how she was with my brother and with the others even made me want to consider becoming a nurse and I am not even in the medical field. She may not have been there on the day he actually passed, but she was there during the most difficult days and her presence truly helped him and us. I can't think of anyone more deserving of this award than Paige. Thank you, Paige, for giving my brother and my family comfort and peace in his final days.