P2LT Delia Cristine Alquizar

P2LT Delia Cristine Alquizar

P2LT Delia Cristine T Alquizar, NC

Ward 7C - Oncology Ward
Armed Forces of the Philippines Medical Center
Quezon City
I am very thankful for this nurse for she placed the positivity back to me.

I am a patient diagnosed with esophageal cancer and had already undergone several surgical operations and exhausting chemotherapy sessions. I experienced many discomforts and pain-staking procedures such as being fed in a feeding tube for several weeks, numerous IV insertions, swallowing difficulties, vomiting, and bowel disturbances to name a few. With all of the above-mentioned experiences, I am totally helpless, hopeless, and depressed. I am just at a young age and I cannot accept all of these coming in to my life. Never did I think of having this type of disease especially that I have entered the military service fit and healthy. I am a very difficult patient since I cannot show my friendly side due to what I am currently experiencing. I shout at my nurses and sometimes without realizing it, I am already disrespecting them.

I saw the best qualities of a nurse in P2LT Alquizar. She never gave up on giving nursing care to me despite of my attitude towards them. She took time to listen and note down my difficulties to ensure that the proper nursing care can be given to me for my special needs. Even the simplest task of ensuring the cleanliness of my bed and surroundings were implemented due to her concern. She always waits for the right moment to approach me and give my medications.

It took sometime before she gained my trust and confidence in her that she was able to talk to me about what I am feeling and what my worry was all about. She inspired me and brought back the hope to fight the cancer and for my family as well. Having cancer changes your life and it has a depressing effect to your families and loved ones. I still worry a lot but it’s very reassuring being able to talk about how you’re feeling. I am very thankful for this nurse for she placed the positivity back to me.