Oncology Clinic

Oncology Clinic, RNs

Truman Medical Centers
Kansas City, Missouri
United States

The staff in the oncology clinic is great! There is not just one nurse in the clinic! It is all of them! One day I had taken my medicine, but I did not get a chance to eat anything. I was having a low sugar reaction. A nurse gave me a snack to bring my sugar up while we were waiting on my husband to see his doctor. I know what it is like to be in the medical field, as a CNA/Nurse's Aide, and what it is like when people get on your nerves, and you have to bite your tongue about things. These guys wear their professionalism on their sleeves very well! If there were any question that needs to be answered then or later, it would be answered by someone in this clinic. If I/we didn't understand the answer that was given, the answer would be broken down to where I was most comfortable with the answer that was given by the doctor or staff.
These nurses were honored with this DAISY Award:
Marilyn Ganns,
Tina Shropshire,
Ogo Benye,
Robert Sheehy,
Charlie Shields
Amy Peters,
Kristen Thompson,
Mandy Vanderlinden,
Marchand Jenkins,
Roy Cadiz