Omar Al-Zyoud

Omar Al-Zyoud

Omar Al-Zyoud, RN

Medical Floor
King Hussein Cancer Center

Our story has begun when my father was visiting the hospital for a regular check as always. At that day, the doctor has decided suddenly to admit my father. We were shocked and feared! I did not know what to do or how to react … in other words I freeze!

At that moment, Omar was there for help. He supported us especially my father who was shocked. He assured us that everything will be fine and nothing to worry about. He offered to help us in the admission process since I was unable to do anything as I was stressed.

He was there with us in every step until my father was admitted to the Medical floor. It touched our heart and left us in tears as he was like an angel that was sent to us at that day. I have known later on that Omar's duty has finished already when he was helping us. He spent extra two hours from his own time just for us, for a patient he personally does not know!! All he knew is that there is a patient in need of a help and a caring hand.

Thank you, Omar, from the bottom of my heart, thank you KHCC for all the excellence you provided to all the patients.