Nouf Al Nomsi

Nouf Al Nomsi

Nouf Al Nomsi, RN

King Saud Medical City, Riyadh
Riyadh, Ar Riyad
Saudi Arabia
Since Nouf had established a beautiful rapport with this mom, she was the natural home resource for this family.

Ms. Nouf al Nomsi, a NICU nurse for 7 years, was recognized for her compassion as well as her generosity and selflessness. And for her outstanding commitment to a patient and family during a difficult time.

She is a seasoned NICU Nurse who surpasses the compassion and skill normally considered with standard neonatal nursing care. While all NICU Nurses are dedicated to their job, this nurse stands out.

She is assigned as a team leader for the Critical Congenital Heart screening and Hearing Screening, ROP Screening and RSV Vaccination. She has the amazing ability to connect with families. She is a strong advocate for her tiny patients and skilled with the beautiful ability to maintain relationships long after a patient is discharged home.

One example is a sweet baby girl from a few years back. When her tiny patient was discharged home, this infant’s mother faced many challenges with home care for her sweet girl. Since this nurse had established a beautiful rapport with this mom, she was the natural home resource for this family.

This relationship has blossomed and even now, a few years later, she is still in contact with this family and genuine love for her tiny patient. She has a big heart! She is unassuming and doesn’t talk much about her extraordinary generosity toward this family. I think it’s time we share her story of extraordinary compassion and tireless generosity for this sweet baby girl and her family.

In addition, she organized the Premature Day for the past 3 years very wonderfully. This year it was organized in the mall.

She called many premature babies and their moms to join the Premature Day and share their experiences in the NICU.

She created the awareness among the people about the preterm birth and the concerns of the preterm babies and their families. The Awareness Day spreads information about how to help and support the affected families.

She presented a great video to the moms in Arabic and all of them appreciated and enjoyed.

Day in and out, the compassion and kindness shown to their patients are immeasurable.