Nora Healy

Nora Healy

Nora Healy, RN

Telemetry I
Saint Joseph Hospital (CO)
Denver, Colorado
United States

Things I appreciate about Nora:
1. She was one of the few nurses who almost daily bathed, lotioned, massaged my mom (who loved it!)
2. She saw that Mom’s bedsore bandage was changed with the proper (special order) bandage and silver gel, unlike another change.
3. When the decision was made to move my mom to hospice, Nora not only let me cry on her shoulder with hearty hugs, but cried with me. Her tears and compassion were so precious.
4. She can be a bit brusque and is very rule conscious, just like I am, which shows her strong goal of excellent care for the patient as the number one priority even when family members (like me!) need to be reminded of that.
5. Her care for my mom did not decrease when mom went into “hospice” mode. I really appreciate that Nora did not see my mom as “less of a person” or that “the care for her really didn’t matter since she was moving toward death rather than recovery”.
6. She let me know when she’d be taking a break and who was covering for her.
7. She brought in some lavender as aromatherapy for my mom which seemed to have a true calming effect! Mom didn’t need Atavan when she usually did, maybe ? due to the scent! I was surprised!
8. She called on her day off and dropped by on a break to check on mom after she moved to a different wing.
9. She has a good sense of humor, but always appropriately timed in care.

My Dad says it in fewer words: “That Nora’s a good one!”

Can this count for a double dollop of DAISY?