Nikki McMurry

Nikki McMurry

Nikki McMurry, RN

HCA Houston Healthcare - Clear Lake
Webster, Texas
United States

Nikki was incredible, professional, and pleasant but exudes happiness – for her patient and her job and for life! The following day she was "precepting"; she was so pleasant, didn't undermine, was helpful while he had his first 5 patients and I'm sure it was twice as much work – Nikki showed patience and joy in everything she does. Extraordinary young lady. Watch her and encourage she will only do Clear Lake Regional Proud.


I've been raised in a large family with over 9 RN's and during my visit here Nikki has helped create an atmosphere that is warm and sincere. Not only was she enthusiastic about taking care of my needs but she made my large family visiting feel welcome and at peace during my experience. Nikki has demonstrated a high level of integrity and compassion for her patients. She has been very prompt in service. Also, informative while following proper procedures. There is a pleasant/wonderful spirit about this nurse that cannot be duplicated, and I believe this young lady is deserving the recognition. With continued education, mentoring and encouragement, Nikki will continue to add value to the lives of Clear Lake Regional patients for many years to come.