Nikki Broughton

Nikki Broughton

Nikki Broughton, RN

Rumford Hospital
Rumford, Maine
United States
Nikki went directly to the doctors and asked them to review my medications immediately.

First, let me say the entire nursing staff at Rumford Hospital exceeded all expectations. They are warm, friendly, empathetic, and very hard-working. They will help any way they can and do all this with a smile on their faces.

Initially, I went in for complications with blood pressure. The doctors, nurses and I were trying out various forms of medication to get it under control. About halfway through the process, Nikki noticed that something seemed off. I was constantly nauseated, feeling dizzy, and my heart rate went down to 40ish beats.

At first, she seemed a little scared, I didn't understand until later why. She went directly to the doctors and asked them to review my medications immediately; insisting that they needed to investigate trying something else as this potentially could cause complications if it was left unchanged. From what I understand from various sources, they had to meet on my behalf several times trying to figure out how to proceed.

After figuring out with the doctors the next course of action, she came to my room to explain everything that was happening in detail. They were proceeding intelligently, but cautiously until the right formula could be figured out. Actions like this make you feel safer in an unsafe world. It shows not only do people care, but they will have your back in any way that they can. I think it's extremely important that when people go above and beyond that they're recognized for what they do!