Nicole Siplin
February 2019
Float Pool-Critical Care
Capital Health Medical Center - Hopewell
United States




I was taken by ambulance to Capital Health with severe stomach pain. After many tests to figure out the problem I was given an endoscopy. Immediately afterward it seems that the endoscopy triggered a heart issue and I was put back under so my heart rhythm could be adjusted. From there I was taken to the ICU.

It was a very difficult, scary experience and a shock to me to be there in that situation. I was very upset and feeling bad. I am in my 60’s and a rather large woman and mostly very modest. Having no choice but to use the bedpan after the gallons of fluids they were giving me intravenously was horrible for me and every single time I cried and it became a joke to all of us which lightened the mood but I couldn't help myself.

Every single nurse that helped take care of me was amazing and I was a very miserable person at that point but they managed to keep me calm and do their jobs. But by the last night in that bed, I was on the verge of losing it and I didn't think I could take it one more hour listening to all of those machines. But my last morning, Nicole appeared and I begged her to help me get out of that bed and somehow she made that happen. She went above and beyond for me and I actually cried with relief when I was finally able to use the commode and at least wash myself and sit in a chair. She stayed with me as much as possible and we talked about our lives and she kept me calm. Being in that situation was so upsetting and scary and what Nicole did meant the world to me. I will forever remember her kindness and I told her that I would write a letter to let her manager know how fantastic she is. She is not only an amazing nurse, but she is a loving, sensitive person who cares about her patients.