Nicole Hampton

Nicole Hampton

Nicole Hampton, RN

Vascular Surgical Acute Care
Tampa General Hospital
Tampa, Florida
United States

Caring – She went beyond caring to being compassionate.  She was kind, thoughtful, patient, encouraging and empathetic to my situation.

Integrity – She was someone who kept her word and did not forget if she said she would take care of something.  She maintained my privacy in a non-private room.  I had 100% confidence in the integrity of my care while in her charge.

Advocacy – I did not have the need for her to advocate for any specific issue but I have no doubt from her mannerisms, care, and ability, that she would have done so professionally.

Respect – Having had many surgeries, she was the most respectful nurse I have ever encountered.  She listened as well as heard what I shared.

Accountability and Competency – She was the most competent nurse I have ever had.

Everything about her care exhibits compassion, respect, and competence.  She would make and Excellent Trainer/Teacher.