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Neuro/Joint Works at Excela Health

Neuro/Joint Works
Excela Health Latrobe
Latrobe, Pennsylvania
United States
Kristen Hargnett, RN, CNC; Lisa Schardt, RN; Amanda Golkosky, TP; Michelle Hill, TP; Ben Begonia (PT); Amanda Thomas (OT); Zack Kowalewski, TP; Toni Walters, RN; Ashley Bosco, RN

I met Mr. M during manager rounding on the day after he had major back surgery. During our meeting, Mr. M could not emphasize enough how wonderful his care had been and how thankful he was for the staff who had been caring for him. He asked that I please formally recognize the staff, as he felt they were going above and beyond in caring for him and responding to any need he or his wife expressed. When I described the DAISY Team Award, Mr. M was excited to be able to provide information that would support the staff as nominees.

Mr. M told me that although all staff members were kind and courteous, a few stood out as quite special. The following employees were mentioned specifically for being outstanding in their care and compassion.

Kristen Hargnett, RN, CNC – for her amazing bedside manner that made him feel reassured and not like a 'bother'.

Lisa Schardt, RN – for her knowledge about postoperative complications and her thorough explanation about his bowel medications.

Amanda Golkosky, TP and Michelle Hill, TP – for their prompt responses to his call light and for their lightheartedness and willingness to accommodate his requests.

Ben Begonia (PT) and Amanda Thomas (OT) – for their patience, expertise, and kindness while providing PT and OT.

Zack Kowalewski, TP – for checking on him often through the night and for being so kind, accommodating and friendly.

Toni Walters, RN and Ashley Bosco, RN – for being very attentive to his needs on his first night after surgery and making him feel comfortable.

Bunny Wallace, RN – for "checking me over good" and making him feel like she had plenty of time to spend with him.

Dr. Michael Rutigliano – for performing his surgery, being personable at the bedside with both the patient and his wife, and for providing good instructions that were easy to understand.

As the Clinical Director of the unit, I consider the opportunity to have had this conversation with Mr. M as a special treat, and it confirms my knowledge and trust that the staff on the Neuro/Joint Works unit truly provide excellent patient care and deserve recognition as a team.