Naomi Bonilla

Naomi Bonilla

Naomi Bonilla, RN

Step Down Unit
Cape Fear Valley Medical Center
Fayetteville, North Carolina
United States

A patient who Naomi recently cared for submitted a letter of appreciation for the care they received at her hand. They shared that she was always willing to do whatever she could to make them comfortable, although she was very busy. The patient went on to say that the healing of the patients goes beyond just medication; sensitivity and concern are important as well. He said Naomi made him feel very important, not like just another patient. In the words of the patient:

"Naomi exhibited the skill of nursing and the art of caring. She appears to understand that caring for patients (especially me) does not just require meds but she treats the whole person. Her caring spirit transcends the physical but also helps the patient's soul. She treats the total person. I am so thankful to God that I was in her care."

Naomi is a very loyal employee who takes her nursing duties to heart. She refers to her patient assignment as "My babies" and she has been quoted to say, "I make sure my babies get the best care I can give and I don't let anybody do anything to them without my knowledge". She shared with me that there are many days that she could call out and stay home because of the pains in her hip and the limp in her stride but she knows that it would cause the other nurses to work with a heavier patient load. Naomi works as a certified preceptor and is very thorough with her training. Naomi is a model nurse and exemplifies the character, integrity, and skill needed on our unit. Naomi Bonilla is worthy of receiving the Daisy Award!