Nancy Dischler

Nancy Dischler, RN

Kaiser Permanente Santa Rosa Medical Center
Santa Rosa, California
United States

As we were walking in through the lobby of the East Building in late September, there was a man hobbling along with his walker. We all thought the same, but Nancy was the one that went up to this man and asked him if he needed any help. He was very frustrated and blurted out “yes but no one around here will help me”. She asked him what he needed, and he said he needed help to his car. Nancy handed over her coffee to us to bring back to the department as we were all on our lunch break. Nancy returned about 15 minutes later. She explained later that when she helped the man into his car, he had an accident, so she helped him get cleaned up.

This is not a onetime occurrence for Nancy. She is always doing these types of things to help people, whether she is at work or not. She exemplifies the “DAISY Award Spirit”. We believe that Nancy deserves to be honored for her outstanding character.