Nancy Calderon

Nancy Calderon

Nancy Calderon, BSN, RN

Same Day Services
West Suburban Medical Center
Oak Park, Illinois
United States
Throughout, Nancy showed compassion and empathy in all her interactions with me.

I was scheduled for an outpatient procedure and was somewhat apprehensive and anxious. This was reflected by my elevated blood pressure when taking my vital signs. But when Nancy came into my room to review what the procedure entailed and did a detailed review of my chart including my pre-op lab results, I was much more relaxed. She showed excellent verbal skills, had good eye contact, was polite and poised.

Throughout, she showed compassion and empathy in all her interactions with me, before and after the surgical procedure. She was focused on what she was doing and was very efficient. I felt I was in good hands with her care.

Lastly, when I was ready to go home after the surgery, Nancy took me out in a wheelchair to the car where my husband was waiting. It was a cold day and she didn't stop to get a jacket! My experience with her reflects that she is an outstanding role model for extraordinary care.