Nahid Masjooni

Nahid Masjooni, RN

Labor and Deliver
George Washington University Hospital
Washington, District Of Columbia
United States
I will never ever forget looking through my tears to Nahid and thanking her for not giving up on me.

Being a nurse myself, I know how quickly (or slowly) a twelve-hour shift can go by. We met Nahid at 7 am and said goodbye well after her shift ended at 7 pm.

From the beginning, she was nothing short of thorough, professional and compassionate. She made sure that all of my questions and concerns (no matter how ridiculous or repetitive) were answered as a first-time laboring mother, and she was inclusive and supportive of my husband at the same time.

She was encouraging and reassuring during my first round of pushing, and an advocate for me when she could tell I was becoming exhausted- expressing her concern and insisting on a break I didn't realize I so desperately needed.

She repeatedly patted my hand and stated simply and confidently, "You will have this baby."

After a few hours of rest, the decision was made that it was time to begin pushing again. This time things were progressing, until they weren't. "You will have this baby."

With twelve years of experience both in the ED and PACU, I can tell you that you never want to be the patient who all of a sudden requires multiple extra staff members, emergency equipment and calls being made to the OR. It was frightening to say the very least. Despite all of the commotion and the underlying tense energy of the room; Nahid was a calming and reassuring presence. "You will have this baby."

Her shift had already ended but she stayed firmly planted next to me and my husband to help coach us both through the most challenging moment of our lives.

The number of happy tears, once my son was born, was overwhelming, but I will never ever forget looking through them to Nahid and thanking her for not giving up on me. I have to say that if it weren't for Nahid's support and initiative that day, we may not have had such a safe and happy outcome. She went above and beyond. I am forever grateful for her advocacy, compassion, and expertise.